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GET Water Blog #7: Start-Up Nation Central

Start-Up Nation Central by Valeria Apolinario and Caroline Webster For our last official stop in Israel, we headed to Start-Up Nation Central (SNC) in the business district of Tel Aviv. First impression: is this where an economics degree will get you? When we first entered the building, we were confronted by a large, colorful wall

GET Water Blog #6: “Traditional, Not Primitive:” Project Wadi Attir and Sustainable Desert Cultivation

“Traditional, Not Primitive:” Project Wadi Attir and Sustainable Desert Cultivation By Kelly Gebman At the beginning of our visit, a Bedouin activist and founding member of Wadi Attir gave us an introduction to the Bedouin people and their recent cultural evolution. The word “Bedouins” describes the collection of small nomadic Arab groups that have inhabited

GET Water Blog #5: Visiting Israel’s Water Treatment Facility at Shafdan

Visiting Israel’s Water Treatment Facility at Shafdan By Caroline Webster and Grace Wanjiku Wainaina The Shafdan Wastewater Treatment centre is located on the outskirts of Tel Aviv. The main goals for the treatment centre are to minimize environmental pollution and protect the state’s limited water resources. The centre comprises a complex inter-region system that collects,

GET Water Blog #4: King Hezekiah’s Tunnel

King Hezekiah’s Tunnel By Alexandro Reyes  On Sunday, September 15th, we left Masada and made our way to Jerusalem, where we would learn about the water systems there. Upon arrival, our tour guide was quick to enlighten us on the history of Jerusalem through archeological evidence collected over the past centuries. The main highlight of

GET Water Blog #3: Ancient Water System Models and the Dead Sea

Ancient Water System Models and the Dead Sea By Deogratias Mukuralinda and Hannah Paridis   Though we took the cable car going up, we were out of breath; not because of the scorching heat or the vertigo (it was high!), but because of the beautiful sight of the Negev desert and the Dead Sea. It

GET Water Blog #2: Revolutionizing Sustainable Agriculture

Revolutionizing Sustainable Agriculture by Morgan Gass and Helena Freire Haddad For the second half of our first whole day in Israel, we headed just east of Be’er Sheva to visit the Kibbutz Hatzerim. The focus was on sustainable agriculture practices, and we visited the Jojoba Hatzrim plantation as well as the global drip irrigation company

GET Water Blog #1: Continuing to Make the Desert Bloom

Continuing to Make the Desert Bloom by Valeria Apolinario and Carmen Awin-Ongya The first visit in our GET Trek to Israel was to the Zuckerberg Institute for Water Research, one of the three institutes part of the Jacob Blaustein Institutes for Desert Research at Ben Gurion University. The visit was in the southern desert region

2019 GET Water Student Travel Blogs

Israel – Global Engineering Trek (GET): Water Program Description This summer, a group of Northwestern freshmen and sophomores traveled to Israel as part of Northwestern University’s Institute for Sustainability and Energy (ISEN) Global Engineering Trek (GET) Water trip to Israel. Water management is a highly interdisciplinary field, and all majors, particularly in engineering, science, and